5 Ways Veterans Fit Your Business

Veterans benefit your business in many ways

Military Veterans can benefit your business in many ways. Veterans have extensive skills and offer a broad spectrum of experience. Not only are they trained to fight for our country, but they also train for individual job responsibilities that translate well into the private sector. Here are 5 ways Veterans can be a good fit for your business.

  1. 40+ Occupation Groups

Across all branches of the military, there are more than 40 occupational groups. These range from Accounting to Transportation, with military occupational groups aligning with almost every civilian business. There are occupational groups for administration positions, supply and logistics, information technology, and many more. Many military members receive training in various medical and dental occupations, and also veterinary fields, as part of their military career.

  1. 2100+ Job Categories

There are over 2,100 jobs available to members of the US Navy, Army, Marine Corps or Air Force. These jobs sometimes can have military occupation codes associated with them, or include military terminology, but all jobs can be related to a civilian counterpart. Finding the precise military job(s) applicable to your company is easy. There are several tools used to help businesses find the right candidates. AVFE’s proprietary VAST Database allows searching by keyword, business area or certification level, as well as other criteria.

  1. Technical and Managerial Fields

Military jobs are categorized into either technical or managerial fields, or (in some cases of senior enlisted personnel and non-commissioned officers), they can be both. As a general rule of thumb, the enlisted ranks tend to be more technical in nature with leadership experience gained by progressing through the ranks. Officer ranks are more management based throughout their careers.  Most jobs in the military have both a technical and managerial aspect and would be advantageous to any company.

  1. Leadership and Ethics

Military personnel receive an abundance of leadership and ethics training. No matter the rank or rate, service members are taught the importance of sound leadership and solid ethics from the first day of boot camp. They continue to ‘practice’ their leadership as service members earn promotions. Ethics play a large part in all aspects of being in the military. With their leadership experience and firm ethical foundation, Veterans will be an asset for any company.

  1. Can-Do Attitudes

Veterans have a can-do attitude in any situation. Many times in the military, soldiers and sailors are given a mission or goal which seems insurmountable, but they are able to achieve it through hard work and never giving up. Military members have positive attitudes that can help any business accomplish their goals.

There are talented, experienced Veterans waiting to becoming a member of your team, hire one today!