6 Simple Ways to Hire More Veterans

How to Increase Veteran Employment in Your Organization


As an organization, we are always looking to improve and increase the experience levels of our hired talent. Perhaps you want to bring the first-rate expertise and proven work ethic of a Veteran into your organization, or better yet, expand your Veteran employee base across your company. There are several excellent resources available to help you find qualified Veteran employees. Finding talented, experienced Veterans for a position in your company doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 6 simple ways your organization can improve its Veteran hiring rates.

  1. Attend Military Job Fairs
    Military Job Fairs happen all over the country, not just in locations near military bases. A wide array of organizations (including local governments, non-profits, and career centers) host job fairs and hiring events in addition to those offered at military installations. Some groups go even further and offer ‘virtual’ military career fairs where employers and candidates can connect online, regardless of current physical location.  Information on these job fairs can be found online and Military/Veterans Affairs sections of local government websites, which often have dedication sections devoted to Veteran hiring events and career fairs.  Employers who attend these events often include a Veteran employee as part of their recruiting team to answer Veteran candidate questions.
  1. Align Job Openings to Military Occupations
    An easy and effective way to find and recruit Veteran employees is to align your open job position with existing Military occupations. This can include identifying ‘similar military occupations’ on a job description, as well as indicating that your business is a Veteran Friendly Employer.  Veterans who view these open positions will more easily be able to communicate their relevant skills and experience to the hiring team, which can increase the number of qualified applicants who respond to your job opening.  To help identify which military occupations align to your position, employers often use skills translators, training websites, or recommendations from Veteran employees.
  1. Join and Participate in Military Support Organizations
    Worldwide, there are several thousand groups who strive to support Military service people and Veterans. Some of the larger organizations include the United Services Organization (USO), National Military Family Association, Wounded Warrior Project, as well as the Armed Services YMCA. There are also smaller local associations, organizations, and programs offered by community governments and non-profits. By joining and supporting these organizations, you will see where you can help and get involved. This commitment to supporting current military members, Veterans, and their families will make your company more attractive to Veterans and other prospective employees.
  1. Have a Veteran Landing Page on Your Website
    Many large organizations have a dedicated page on their company website focusing on their support of Veterans.  These sites include links to open positions, details on Veteran-Friendly Workplace programs and affinity groups, as well as testimonials from Veterans currently employed by the company.  These sites provide additional visibility and awareness to potential Veteran applicants about an organization’s commitment to supporting the Veteran segment of their workforce.
  1. Visit Military and Veteran Websites
    The Internet is filled with various websites dedicated to helping service members find employment. While some of these sites may not post job openings, they still offer information to help local employers find and recruit Veterans. Other sites do allow employers to post job openings as well as offer areas for service members post their resumes. Many state run job exchanges have a separate section designed for veteran job seekers and veteran friendly employers.  These sites also tend to offer information for employers who want to expand or implement veteran hiring initiatives.
  1. Use Social Media Groups That Cater to Military Personnel
    In today’s society, actively using social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is a must for employers. As an organization, social media sites can be used to publicize job openings, find talent, get referrals, and connect with Veterans. Many of these outlets have the ability for you to ‘like’ or ‘join’ professional networks, which is a great way to connect with your local Veteran community.

We would love to hear how your organization has improved your Veteran hiring practices.  Drop us a line and tell us what works best for your business!