8 Advantages of Employing Military Spouses

Why Hiring Military Spouses is Good For Your Business


There are a multitude of companies and resources focused on helping Veterans transition out of the military, find new employment, and acclimate to the civilian world.  Unfortunately, many hiring companies fail to recognize the benefits and advantages of also hiring the spouses of active duty military servicemen and women to fill open positions. Military Spouses possess the expertise, resourcefulness, initiative, and creative thinking skills most companies look for in prospective job candidates. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider employing Military Spouses in your organization.

  1. Military Spouses are extremely adaptable. Change is commonplace for Military Spouses, so they excel at handling and adapting to dynamic tasks and situations. From managing a spouse’s deployment to moving to a new location, Military Spouses are capable of succeeding in personal and professional engagements while undergoing changing circumstances.  This adaptability to change is a positive trait that many employers look for, especially when the company is looking to grow or diversify their core business areas.
  1. Military Spouses are well educated. The Military offers many resources and programs to help Military Spouses further their education, up to and including obtaining professional degrees and/or certifications. Military spouses can also qualify for scholarships and grants to offset the cost of continuing education, reducing the amount of employer-paid tuition assistance needed to enhance their skills.
  1. Military Spouses are excellent team players and project managers. Military Spouses are the ultimate team players, and are accustomed to managing events, personalities, and change on multiple fronts. They are proficient in planning, multi-tasking, delegating, solving problems, and overcoming change to complete the task at hand. This ability to work within or lead teams to a common objective can help their employers to grow and improve.
  1. Military Spouses are a flexible workforce. Military Spouses are flexible, and capable of supporting a wide range of work schedules and staffing requirements.  In addition to full time employment, they often engage in part time, seasonal, and/or temporary work engagements.  Businesses are able to leverage the considerable knowledge and expertise offered by Military Spouses, even if the position is not full time.
  1. Military Spouses have extensive networks. Everywhere Military Spouses have been stationed, they have created professional and social networks. These networks have exposed them to new approaches, methods, and ideas that benefit employers. The ability to reach back and connect with these networks can help businesses improve efficiencies and increase opportunities. In addition to their business contacts, Military Spouses often volunteer and mentor others in their communities, which can open doors to business prospects in sectors not usually serviced by your company.
  1. Military Spouses are diverse. Military Spouses come from all over the world. They have different backgrounds, strengths, and capabilities, and offer the expertise and knowledge gained from living and working in these environments to their employer.   They bring innovative ideas and approaches learned from living all over the country and, in some cases, all over the world to the unique tasks required by their employers.
  1. Military Spouses do not need medical or dental benefits. Military Spouses receive medical and dental coverage through the military benefit plans of their spouse. As a result, significant cost savings can be made, as insurance costs to the employer can be reduced (or even eliminated in some cases) when hiring Military Spouses.
  1. Military Spouses are selfless, trustworthy and possess great attitudes. When asked about their time in the service, many active duty personnel credit their spouses with selfless support, allowing the service member to focus on the stressful duties of serving our country. Military Spouses put their families first. They have developed great attitudes and have many techniques to keep others upbeat and focused. By nature of the world they live in, they are discreet and exceedingly patriotic.

Military spouses may also be overlooked when trying to fill job openings because of the potential for shorter term employment.  Instead of focusing on the possibility that a Military spouse will only work for the company for a few years, consider the benefits this workforce brings to the organization. Hiring Military Spouses is a great way to show your support of our Service Members while taking advantage of an under-utilized, well-qualified group of applicants.