About AVFE

Take a more proactive approach to supporting your Veteran workforce.

For decades, we have worked informally with business owners and human resource managers in helping them understand the value Veterans bring to their company.  Making up over 7% of the workforce population today, it is critical that businesses have access to information to help them better understand and support this diverse employee base.

It response to these discussions, we noticed just how little information is available to support employer Veteran initiatives.  This lack of information prompted us to take action.  Our team spent almost a year researching and designing a solution that helps your business:

 Understand how military skills translate into civilian workplaces.
 Identify how military candidates ‘fit’ in an organization.
 Centralize Veteran workforce information from federal and state sites.
 Enhance employee understanding of Veterans and Reservists/Guardsman.
 Identify and sharing Veteran Friendly best practices and approaches.

The end result is an on-demand integrated platform that supports all aspects of the employment cycle – from initial hiring through employee retention.

Membership with AVFE helps employers like you take a more proactive approach in supporting your Veteran workforce today and into the future.

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AVFE’s staff includes Veterans, business owners, and human resources managers, all of whom are committed to furthering our mission of “Helping Employers Hire Heroes”.

Sara Slettebo

Executive Director

Sara has been a small business owner for more than 11 years and averaged more than 70% Veteran hiring rate during this time.  Being intimately familiar with the leadership, teamwork, and strong work ethic offered by Veterans, she realized there was a significant gap in resources and educational platforms available to assist businesses in understanding and retaining Veterans.  Wanting to give back to our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, Sara founded AVFE to support employers, recruiters, and human resources staff across all industries to support employment best practices as they relate to Veterans in the workplace.

Stan Halter

Executive Vice President, Membership

Retiring as a Navy Captain, Stan Halter has worked in several industries since his retirement and experienced firsthand the struggles Veterans face in seeking gainful employment that leverages their skill sets and expertise - most commonly the terminology barrier between military and private sector businesses was difficult to overcome when interacting with civilian hiring staff.  Since his retirement, Stan has served as a CEO for a business focused on hiring retired military and Veterans.  He also routinely works with other businesses in understanding and identifying military characteristics and occupations that best fit company needs.  Stan’s passion to give back to those that have volunteered for service and his unique perspective as both a Veteran and a business executive is invaluable to teaching other companies how to hire Veterans and reduce employer challenges across all segments of Veteran employment.

Jim Carr

VAST Director

After retiring following a 20 year career in the Navy, Jim spent the last 15 years working on a range of IT and training programs for government and private sector customers.  His well-rounded knowledge of system capabilities, database elements, and reporting functionality across multiple end-users, coupled with his knowledge of military occupations and expertise gained through military service, provides the foundation for the design and management of AVFE’s proprietary Skills Translator.

Amy Harper

Resource Director

Amy’s career spans a range of functions, including human resources, contract administration, training, social media, and resource development for government and private sector organizations.  Amy’s expertise leverages a variety of media types to increase end user understanding and knowledge across multiple topics and key learning objectives.