AVFE Debuting at the Florida Defense Expo

September 16, 2015 - The Association of Veteran Friendly Employers will be making its public debut on Tuesday, November 10th at the Florida Defense Expo to be held in Jacksonville, Florida.  AVFE staff have been working behind the scenes for the last several months developing a centralized platform to support the association’s mission of “Helping Employers Hire Heroes.”  Meetings have been held with business owners and community leaders to determine the challenges they face when hiring Veterans.  Based on their feedback, AVFE developed a proprietary Veteran Aligned Skills Translator (VAST) database that matches military occupations to civilian job requirements, a Resource Library with information and tools to support a Veteran Workforce, and self-paced e-Learning Programs to assist employers, recruiters, and human resource personnel in understanding, hiring, and retaining our Nations Heroes.  AVFE is excited to share this new program with business owners and managers, and to help them hire those that have given so much protecting our freedoms.