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Understanding Military Compensation

Five Components of Military Pay While serving in the military, there are several factors that determine how much a service member is paid.  Knowing how military pay structure works can help private sector employers to understand the salary expectations of Veteran job applicants, and to tailor their compensation offerings to better attract Veteran talent. Below […]

You’ve Committed to Hiring Veterans. Now What?

4 First Steps to Becoming a Veteran-Friendly Employer Congratulations on your interest in including Veteran in your workforce. You’ve taken the first step by deciding to actively pursue Veteran candidates, but may be a little unsure of how to incorporate that commitment into your company’s culture and hiring processes. Below are four “first steps” your […]

Saying Thank You to Veterans

6 ways to recognize Veterans for their service Veteran’s Day is a holiday reserved for celebrating and honoring our nation’s Military Veterans. Celebrated annually on November 11th (observed on November 10th for 2017) it is a day dedicated to recognizing those men and women who have served, past or present, in the United States Armed […]

How Veteran Friendly is Your Workplace?

9 ways to make your company more desirable to Veterans Creating an environment that is friendly to Veteran employees can help improve your recruitment efforts and make your company more desirable to prospective employees. Here are 9 things to keep in mind when creating a Veteran-friendly working environment. Maintain a Value System Many Veterans look […]

Improving Veteran Employee Retention

Nine ways to ensure Veteran Employees stay with your Company Did you know that Veteran employee retention can be an issue for many private companies? In one study, nearly half of Veterans surveyed left their first post military-separation job after less than a year of employment. The two most common reasons cited were being unhappy […]

Veteran Training Adds Value to Your Business

5 Types of Military Training That Can Benefit Your Business Military Veteran employees offer several distinct advantages to your business that go beyond a college degree in terms of training, education, and experience. From the initial training received when an individual enlists or becomes a military officer through advanced leadership courses later in their careers, […]

5 Ways Veterans Fit Your Business

Veterans benefit your business in many ways Military Veterans can benefit your business in many ways. Veterans have extensive skills and offer a broad spectrum of experience. Not only are they trained to fight for our country, but they also train for individual job responsibilities that translate well into the private sector. Here are 5 […]

Understanding the Federal WOTC

How Hiring Veterans Can Increase Your Bottom Line In addition to the strong work ethic and expertise that Veterans bring to an organization, employing  them can also save your company money and increase your bottom line. The federal government recognizes the challenge in hiring certain target groups, including Veterans, and has designed a program that […]

Celebrating America’s Military Holidays

The History of the Military Service Holidays in the United States Many Americans celebrate holidays honoring those who have sacrificed for our freedoms, liberties and values. Holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day probably bring to mind fond memories of summer cookouts, fireworks and fun. Most Americans, however, may not realize the origin of these […]

Reservist and National Guard Employees

Understanding Their Roles in the Armed Forces There are approximately 800,000 personnel serving in the Reserves and National Guard. While you may already have a Reservist or National Guard member working for you, many employers do not understand the role these patriotic Americans play in our Armed Forces. The following is a brief overview of […]