Finding the Perfect Veteran Candidate


Six Resources to Help Companies Recruit and Hire Veterans


Many businesses want to recruit more veterans, but are unsure of how best to go about finding available candidates.  There are several excellent resources available to you and your staff for recruiting and hiring Veterans, no matter where your company is geographically located. From participating in local job fairs to using a specialized military recruiter, finding talented and experienced Veterans for a position in your company is easy once you know how to go about it. Here are six of the best ways to recruit and hire Veterans.

1. Job Fairs
Job fairs, especially those held near a military base, are excellent venues for discovering Veterans with the skills to fill your company’s HR needs. Some job fairs are even specific to Veteran candidates. City, county, and state governments typically have divisions dedicated to helping Veterans in the local area find employment. Military bases and organizations that support Veterans may also host Job Fairs. Another option is to attend a Military Career Conference, which is a specialized event that is typically held less often than other job fairs. The Service Academy Career Conference (SACC), for example, is held three times a year (in different cities across the country) and only caters to service academy graduates who are exiting the military. Information for these events can normally be found on organizational websites and email communications, as well as social media sites.

2. Educational Institutions
Many Veterans participate in educational and training events after their time in the military.  These can include obtaining degrees at local colleges and universities, as well as technical certification programs for specific career fields including IT and Project Management.  In addition to career counseling, many of these institutions also organize career fairs and offer networking opportunities and job placement assistance to their graduates.  To learn more, contact your local educational institutions to see what support they offer to Veteran students.

3. Military/Veteran Job Boards
Military/Veteran job boards focus on helping transitioning Service Members and their spouses find meaningful employment.  There are several national, regional, and local job boards that cater to Veteran applicants.  These job boards offer a variety of services that may include job postings, resume databases, as well as local or virtual hiring events.  While each job board is unique in their service offering and or cost to the employer, almost every job board allows Veterans to post their resume and or apply for jobs at no cost. Information on these services can be found online, as well as through Military and Veterans Affairs agencies including the United Service Organizations (USO) and Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESGR).

4. Military Recruiters/Staffing Agencies
Utilizing a recruiter or staffing agency that focuses on Service Members, Veterans, and military spouses can be very beneficial to finding and hiring Veterans for your organization. These organizations specialize in placing service members in civilian jobs once they leave the service.  Often managed and supported by Veterans themselves, these organizations are familiar with the knowledge and skills associated with all branches of the Armed Forces, and can assist in identifying transferrable skills to support an organizational need.  Some recruiter and staffing agencies may concentrate in a specific industry and/or military skill or seniority level, however, most can also assist in providing Veteran candidates beyond their area of specialty.   Organizations that recruit and staff Veterans can typically be found online, at Veteran/Military Job Fairs, and at local military and Veteran events held in your community.

5. Social Media
Social Media outlets are becoming more and more integrated within today’s society. Veterans often use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets in order to find and apply for jobs, build a professional network, and stay current with industry and occupational trends and best practices. As an organization, social media sites can be used to notify or post job openings, find talent, get referrals, and connect with Veterans. These social media sites have search capabilities and the ability to ‘like’ or ‘join’ groups related to military service, which is a great way to get engaged with Veterans and the military community.

6. Military and Veteran Websites
The Internet is filled with various websites dedicated to the Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses. These sites have a wider focus than a dedicated job board, and can include details about military life, benefits that support Service Members, and discounts available to Veterans and their families. Often, many of these websites will also contain sections where job opportunities or career fairs may be posted by local employers wishing to find and recruit Veterans.

We are always looking to share best practices, and can’t wait to hear about yours. Contact us today and tell us how you recruit and hire Veterans!