Welcome To The Association Of Veteran Friendly Employers

The Association of Veteran Friendly Employers (AVFE) provides employers, recruiters, and human resource personnel with tools, training and resources to maximize the identification, hiring, and retention of Veterans in the workplace.  Our tools allow Members the ability to seamlessly search military occupations across the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps, and identify the best ’fit’ for a Member  job requirement.

By focusing on tools and education specifically designed for the employer, AVFE fills the gap between the Veteran and the job opportunity, which is one small way we can give back to those that have given so much.

Our mission is to “Help Employers Hire Heroes”, and the Association of Veteran Friendly Employers (AVFE) achieves this by streamlining information for employers, recruiters, and human resource personnel that involve the Veteran workforce.  While several organizations focus on assisting Veterans in their transition to civilian life, there are few resources designed specifically to support the employer side of the hiring equation.  AVFE fills this gap and offers our Members a centralized platform to access information and improve their hiring and retention of Veterans in the workplace.

Hiring and retaining Veterans makes good business sense.  Veterans offer many intangible benefits to employers, including a strong work ethic, a desire to get the job done, and flexibility in supporting both ongoing and changing work priorities.  Veterans also provide businesses with a great return on investment through increased productivity, reduced turnover, and fewer work disruptions and absences.

AVFE is committed to supporting our Members through our proprietary VASTsm database, e-Learning programs and Resource Library.  Our collection of tools and resources assist Members in understanding the military, provide a method to research and identify military occupations that align with Member job openings, and the tools and best practices to onboard, mentor, train, and retain the Veteran workforce.  By hiring Veterans, AVFE Members give back to those that have volunteered to protect our freedoms and way of life.

AVFE’s staff includes Veterans, business owners, and human resources managers, all of whom are committed to furthering our mission of “Helping Employers Hire Heroes”.

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