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Designed for companies that want to take a more proactive approach in supporting their Veteran workforce today and into the future, AVFE membership offers exclusive access to tools and resources that fit your organization. From our proprietary database that helps decode military terminology to best practices and federal regulation, our Members benefit from lower recruiting costs, reduced employee turnover, and an increase in company return on investment.

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We know that each organization is unique, and we offer four Membership levels based on what works best for your business.

AVFE Member Benefits Red Tier White Tier Blue Tier Enterprise
Veteran Aligned Skills Translator (VAST) Our proprietary database allows members to seamlessly decode and search thousands of military occupations, to better understand an applicant’s transferable skills that support your business needs.  Blue-X  Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark
Resource Library Filled with best practices, templates, federal and state incentives, and more, our Resource Library delivers a centralized source of information that support all aspects of the Veteran employment cycle. Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark
E-Learning Programs These self-paced training courses provide users with useful, practical information in areas that support Veterans in the workplace. Topics include Military 101 and Reservists in the Workplace.  Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark
Custom Skills Reports  Let our team of researchers deliver you a tailored report of skills, training and recommended military occupations for those unique and/or hard to fill positions. 3/year 6/year 15/year Varies
AVFE Newsletter Stay current with the latest information on policies, best practices, resources, and events to enrich Veteran workplace programs.  Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark
AVFE Member Logo Show your commitment as a Veteran Friendly Employer.  Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark Red Check-Mark
Number of Users 1 2 5 Varies
Annual Membership Fee $750 $2000 $3500 Varies

Not sure which membership level is right for your organization?  Contact us today to learn more about how AVFE can help your business better support your Veteran workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join AVFE?

Membership is open to all organizations (including private industry, non-profits, and government entities) who are interested in hiring and expanding their Veteran workforce. AVFE provides tools and resources for employers, recruiters, and human resources personnel that apply to all industries looking to proactively identify, hire, and retain our nation’s heroes. Individuals are not eligible to apply for membership. Organization branches or franchises that have a separate tax identification number must register separately.

Why should my organization join AVFE?

Committed to hiring our Nations Heroes, AVFE Members have access to a range of training and resources to help their organization understand, hire, and retain a Veteran workforce. These include access to the VASTsm Database which aligns employer jobs to recommended military occupations, as well as a Resource Library that covers topics such as Military 101, State Veteran Tax Incentives, and Federal Regulations and the Veteran Workforce. Our Members remain up to date with trends, policies and best practices as they relate to all aspects of their Veteran workforce.

What if my organization has more than one location?

Organizations with more than one location that operate under the same tax identification number are considered one member. If the organization requires additional user accounts to access AVFE services, the primary AVFE Company Administrator on record can add, update, or request additional member accounts.

I am a franchisee, can I still join?

Yes! The franchise must operate under a separate tax identification number to register separately.

How much does Membership Cost?

AVFE offers 4 membership tiers to suit your business needs. You can review our membership tiers here, or feel free to contact us at 888-571-AVFE for additional details.

When will my membership be activated?

Membership applications are processed within 2 business days. Upon completion, all authorized users identified on the application form will receive an email communication with details on their account, and will be prompted to change their password. Make sure you add to your safe senders list to ensure receipt.

Is my membership tax deductible?

Membership dues paid to AVFE are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be tax deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expenses. AVFE does not engage in lobbying or political events and activities, and thus 100% of dues (including the initial application fee and additional user accounts) can be deducted in accordance with company accounting practices as a business expense.