A more proactive approach to supporting your Veteran workforce.

Employers want to do more to support their Veteran employees, but information and best practices are scarce. We want to help you expand your Veteran workplace programs across your organization.

From aligning military skills to business requirements, to increasing the number of Veteran employees, to developing company-wide Military Talent programs, AVFE's solutions support your strategic and tactical goals for your Veteran recruitment, hiring, and retention programs.

Web Based Tools & Resources

AVFE’s web-based platform includes a robust military skills research capability, as well as a centralized source of references, regulation, and best practices that support all aspects of the Veteran employment lifecycle.

Veteran Aligned Skills Translator (VAST)

Understanding the skills, knowledge, and training Veteran applicants bring to an organization ensures you aren’t missing out on your next great employee. Our VAST database takes the guesswork out of understanding resumes by decoding military skills and translating them into business terminology. Each occupation includes an overview of job skills, skill levels, occupational training, and more.

Resource Library

Whether you are looking to expand your support for Veterans in the office, improve your organizational return on investment, or to educate and train your staff, AVFE’s resources are easy to follow and implement. Our Resource Library includes best practices, white papers, templates, regulation, and references that support all aspects of Veteran employment. This robust library also includes information verified and validated from federal and state sources.

e-Learning Courses

AVFE’s e-Learning courses improve your staffs understanding of your Veteran workforce and keeps them up to date with the latest regulation and policy that apply to Veteran employees. Courses include Military 101 and Reservists in the Workplace. These self-paced courses provide users with useful and practical information that can be used immediately after course completion.

Veteran Recruitment

Veterans make great employees, and Veterans in their preferred career field reported longer job tenure than their non-military counterparts. Veterans are highly dependable, bring a strong work ethic, and work well in individual and team environments.

More than a job board, AVFE works with our clients to truly understand the position requirements and corporate culture, before reaching out to our extensive network. Our extensive knowledge of military skill sets and their alignment to business functions allows us to recruit and recommend candidates that fit your business.

Customized Solutions

AVFE's customized solutions are designed specifically for your business to help you create or improve your Veteran workplace strategies. From strategy development, to applicant tracking system integration, to corporate training, and more, let us help you design, implement, and track Military Talent goals across your organization.


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