e-Learning Courses

e-Learning Courses

Improve your understanding of Veterans & Reservists in the workplace.

Compared to most businesses, the military is unique in how it classifies, trains, promotes, and assigns responsibilities to its workforce. With multiple ways to serve and thousands of occupation specialties, it may seem impossible to understand how military candidates can support your business unless you have come from Military Service. Having a basic understanding of military organizational structures and common terminology improves and enhances your workplace activities.

Our e-Learning Courses provide you and your staff with information and details to improve your understanding of the Military experience and how it supports and enhances your organization.

The Military 101 Course, for example, provides members an overview of the military, military occupations, and how their experiences and training in the military translate to tangible and intangible benefits within the workplace. Other courses focus on topics such as Reservists and National Guard in the workplace, and regulation that impacts Veteran employees.

Courses average about 30 minutes, and comply with general training standards that may be eligible for continuous education credit.

Let's connect today, and discover how these courses can help you improve your understanding of employees with a military background!