Resource Library

Resource Library

An extensive collection of resources to support your Veteran workforce.

Instead of searching hundreds of websites in an attempt to find relevant and useful information supporting your Veteran employees, our Resource Library provides the regulation, best practices, tips, and templates you need - all in one place.

Search our library by keyword to find something specific, or filter results by category, such as Hiring & Onboarding, Incentives, Forms & Templates, Retention, and Regulation & Policy.  Some of our more popular resources include:

 Federal and State Hiring and Training Incentives
 Tracking Return on Investment when Hiring Veterans
 Veteran Interviewing Tips
 Federal Worker Opportunity Tax Credit Process and Forms
 Supporting National Guard and Reservists
 Dictionary of Military Terms and Acronyms
 Military Grade and Rank Quick Reference

Our resources complement existing Veteran hiring, inclusion, and retention practices.  Developed for human resource professionals, these resources can be easily incorporated into your business processes, without the need for complex software or training.

Contact us today to learn more.  Let us show you how these Resources can help your staff better support Veteran employees.