Veteran Aligned Skills Translator

Veteran Aligned Skills Translator

Decoding military skills into business terminology.

For businesses and talent acquisition professionals, trying to understand a military resume can be challenging.  These resumes are often filled with military jargon, acronyms and unusual job titles such as Cyber Transport Specialist, Allied Trades Specialist, and Critical Skills Operator.

Understanding the skills, knowledge, and training Veteran applicants bring to your organization ensures you aren’t missing out on the next great employee for your business.

Our Veteran Aligned Skills Translator (VAST) empowers you to decode and research thousands of occupations across the Air Force, Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.  Our proprietary database has extensive search capabilities, and lets your team research an applicant’s military jobs to more effectively understand how they can support your business.

Using business terminology, VAST delivers additional details as they relate to specific military job duties, occupational skill levels, related business areas, as well as typical training and education credentials an individual has obtained while in Military Service.

Members also use VAST before a job is posted.  Proactively identifying which military occupations bring the transferable skills and knowledge to an open position before candidates apply ensures key word and filter settings align with similar military occupations.  This allows you to more effectively ensure Veteran candidates with relatable skills are not inadvertently overlooked.

Using VAST is easy.  Simply enter a keyword or term (such as a job title, primary duty or function, system, or certification) and VAST summarizes results that match your criteria.  You can apply additional filters (such as years of experience, position type, and industry) to further refine results.

Interested in seeing how VAST can be used in your organization to decode military resumes and increase your qualified applicant pool?  Let’s connect!