Saying Thank You to Veterans

6 ways to recognize Veterans for their service

Veteran’s Day is a holiday reserved for celebrating and honoring our nation’s Military Veterans. Celebrated annually on November 11th (observed on November 10th for 2017) it is a day dedicated to recognizing those men and women who have served, past or present, in the United States Armed Services. While “Thank you for your service” is a common refrain heard often by Veterans, there are many ways you can show your appreciation. Here are several ways to honor the Veterans in your life this month.

  1. Celebrate Veteran’s Day

One of the best ways to show your appreciation is to actively celebrate Veteran’s Day. Many communities hold Veteran’s Day parades and other local events to honor Veterans – check your local news outlets for details on other celebrations. Celebrating with Veterans is an excellent way to show your support and thanks. Another way to celebrate Veteran’s Day is to take a Veteran to lunch or dinner to honor their service. Many national and local restaurants also offer free meals to Veterans on Veteran’s Day.

  1. Serve

Serving or volunteering to help Veterans is an excellent way to give thanks to American Veterans year-round. Veteran organizations are usually non-profit and focus on helping Veterans in their community in a variety of ways. You don’t need to specialize in or have experience in any one field; Veteran organizations are always looking for willing volunteers to help in a variety of ways.

  1. Donate

If you can’t give your time to a Veteran organization, donating money is always helpful. Many of the local and national Veterans groups rely on donations from the public for part of their financial support. Monetary donations, when given to Veteran organizations qualified as non-profit entities under IRS code, can also be used as a tax deduction in most cases.

  1. Fly an American Flag

Another way to thank Veterans and show your patriotism is to fly the American flag. Whether it is on your front porch or at your place of business, flying the American flag is a sign of loyalty to the American people and those who have served to fight for our freedoms.

  1. Letters or Emails

Many Veterans appreciate written letters and emails. These letters and emails can detail how you appreciate the sacrifice they have made by serving in the military. To find Veterans to write, contact your local Veterans Affairs office.

  1. Simply Ask about their Service

While “thank you for your service” might seem overused and insincere in some cases, asking a Veteran about their service is genuine. You can ask about what branch of the military they have served. You can even ask where they have been, and what they learned during their time in service.

There are many ways to recognize our nation’s Veterans. Thank a Veteran this month and celebrate their service to our great nation.